Dust off your VCR — Blockbuster could be making a comeback.

Fans are speculating the nearly extinct video rental company is returning after its website recently became active, announcing in a cliffhanger, “We are working on rewinding your movie.”

While there is no clear indication of when the Blockbuster site was activated, the company remains attentive on Twitter, often sharing jokes about resuming operations.

“Our 2023 New Year’s resolution was to reopen Blockbuster but it seemed like a lot of work so we quit. Should we start going to the gym instead?” Blockbuster quipped.

New business idea: We’re going to come back as a bank and use VHS and DVDs as currency. Time to go visit your mom,” the company tweeted March 15.

There is no clear indication of when the Blockbuster site was activated.

The Post reached out to the company via Twitter.

Hundreds of fans noticed the Blockbuster website was live shortly after last week’s tweet.

“Um hello? I just went to @blockbuster’s website, and saw this? [It] is what the website looked like in 2019. Hello?” questioned a curious fan.

@blockbuster are you coming back? I promise to break up with @netflix if you do! I’m using my mom’s password anyway,” pleaded another.

“The Blockbuster website is alive?? if they make a comeback in ANY way I will cry,” declared a Blockbuster lover.

Blockbuster closed most of its locations more than a decade ago.
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But some people didn’t understand the excitement.

“Why would anyone want Blockbuster to reopen???? You wanna go in person and pay to rent things again? I don’t get it,” tweeted a perplexed person.

A 1990s fixture, Blockbuster tried to adapt to the evolution of rental movies, eventually mailing DVDs to customers, but its resistance to convert to a streaming platform spelled doom, leading companies like Netflix to dominate the industry instead.

Once boasting more than 9,000 stores, the movie and video game rental company closed roughly 300 surviving corporate-owned storefronts in 2014, leaving a few franchisees to fend for themselves.

Now, only one Blockbuster location remains, in Bend, Oregon.

The company tried to survive the transition in the rental movie industry, but was unsuccessful.
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“The Last Blockbuster” documentary premiered in 2020, ironically streaming on Netflix, sharing the story of the company’s demise and the last flickers of hope for the Oregon location.

While maintaining the classic retro look, the storefront has become a draw for tourists purchasing nostalgic merchandise and locals renting movies.

The store even released an ad in last month’s Super Bowl, with the general manager noting a spike in merchandise sales afterward.

And a few months ago, Bucket Listers and New Gold Empire opened a Blockbuster-themed pop-up bar in LA, encouraging customers to rewind back in time.

Attendees received an admission ticket that resembled the Blockbuster membership card, which allowed them to explore the once-popular space and drink cocktails.

A Blockbuster pop-up bar recently opened in LA, spurring fans of nostalgia to check it out.
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Some fans are highly anticipating a Blockbuster return, even though VHS tapes, VCRs, DVDs and DVD players are rare in most homes.

But one man tweeted he is still holding on to one particular VHS tape, hoping to return it to Blockbuster: “Finally, I can find out how to return the VHS of ‘Battlefield Earth’…”

People quickly reminded him to “Make sure you rewind it,” and prepared him for the overdue expenses, tweeting, “Your late fee will be epic!”