A Chinese tech inventor who has rolled out a new kissing device that allows monogamous lovers separated by long distance to virtually smooch using silicon lips has internet users divided as many panned the weird contraption as downright creepy.

According to reports, the lips are designed to simulate the pressure, movement, and heat of a lover’s lips using sensors — giving users’ a real-life smooching experience.

The device is activated through an app on people’s mobile devices, according to South China Morning Post.

The new invention sells at a retail price of $38 each. Chinese buyers who shop on the e-commerce platform Taobao have been snapping up the device at a rate of more than 100 per month.

According to customer reviews, some are thankful for the chance to simulate an intimate moment with their loved ones.

“Thank you technology,” wrote one satisfied customer who revealed that he has been in a monogamous relationship with a long-distance girlfriend for years.

A new contraption developed by a Chinese tech inventor is eliciting sharp reaction on social media.

The founder of the device, who goes by the surname Jiang, said he was inspired to create it while being separated from his long-distance girlfriend for seven years. According to South China Morning Post, Jiang broke up with her.

Jiang designed the device so that it can operate only with the consent of both parties. It also activates when paired up with one sender and one receiver at a time, so users can’t send unwanted kisses to those who are not receptive.

On social media, people expressed various reactions to it.

“What’s next to do remotely?” one Twitter user wondered, prompting another Twitter user to comment: “Are you thinking what I am thinking?”

Others commented that the contraption looks like a sex toy for men.

“Nah, this for weiners,” one Twitter user remarked.

The new device is designed to simulate a real-life kiss using silicon lips.
The new device is designed to simulate a real-life kiss using silicon lips.

“It is a genius invention, but where’s the tongue?” wondered another internet user.

Another Twitter user wrote: “Oh, I have an idea to make this more interesting…”

“It convinced me again that having a long distance relationship is pretty bad idea..” another Twitter user remarked.

“I have questions,” one Twitter user deadpanned.

Another social media user joked: “Lol she’s going to be doing that with a ton of dudes for passive income.”