Elon Musk is seeking to enlist the help of artificial intelligence experts in order to create a rival to OpenAI’s ChatGPT bot which the tech mogul believes has gone “woke,” according to a report.

Musk has approached several AI researchers, including Igor Babuschkin, who recently departed Alphabet’s DeepMind AI unit, according to the news site The Information.

A new, AI-center project that would feature a chatbot with fewer speech restrictions could be integrated into Twitter, the social media company that Musk recently bought.

The move comes as Musk has been critical of OpenAI, the research lab which created ChatGPT and which counts Musk as one of its founders. Musk cut ties with OpenAI in 2015 due to disagreements with leadership over the entity’s nonprofit status.

In a recent tweet, Musk lamented that OpenAI was “training AI to be woke.” He has been critical of OpenAI for filtering out harmful content from the data so as to make ChatGPT less violent, sexist, and racist.

Elon Musk is reportedly looking to create an alternative to OpenAI’s “woke” ChatGPT.

The guardrails were put in place due to concerns that the algorithms that underpin ChatGPT were biased towards marginalized groups.

Musk, who acquired Twitter for $44 billion with the aim of promoting unfettered speech, has hinted at the need for a chatbot which would rival ChatGPT as well as Microsoft’s chatbot.

Earlier this month, a Twitter user posted a screenshot of a chat with Bing in which the bot declined to tell a joke “in the style of Dave Chappelle” due to the comedian’s “offensive” and “insensitive” remarks about “certain groups of people.”

ChatGPT on a phone screen
Elon Musk is reportedly unhappy that ChatGPT has been trained to be “woke.”
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OpenAI on a laptop screen
Musk is a co-founder of OpenAI, which is behind the ChatGPT chatbox.
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Bing wrote that “humor should be fun and inclusive, not hurtful and divisive.” That prompted Musk to reply: “What we need is TruthGPT.”

Since unveiling “Twitter 2.0,” Musk has unbanned several controversial figures, including former President Donald Trump, author Jordan Peterson, and the satirical news site Babylon Bee.

Musk’s second foray into AI coincides with Snapchat’s announcement that it, too, will be rolling out its own chatbot powered by ChatGPT, according to The Verge.

Snapchat users will notice the “My AI” bot pinned to the app’s chat tab above conversations with friends.

Initially, the new feature will be available to subscribers of Snapchat Plus’ $3.99 a month service, but Snap CEO Evan Spiegel told The Verge that the goal is to eventually make the bot available to all of the app’s 750 million monthly users.