That’s a lot of dough!

Domino’s former boss racked up a nearly $4,000 pizza tab in his final year of running the national chain, according to the company’s most recent regulatory filing on executive compensation.

Ritch Allison, who stepped down last May, submitted a bill for $3,919 worth of “personal pizza purchases” in 2021, the company said without elaborating if those pies included any toppings. 

The overstuffed total is equivalent to ordering one Domino’s cheese pie for all 365 days of the year.

Allison pulled in $7.1 million in 2021.

And it’s not the first time Allison has feasted on the company’s product.

During the pandemic year of 2020, his pizza spending reached $6,129, according to the FT, which first reported on his financial disclosures.

Many in the C-suite kept pace with their boss.

Ritch Allison stepped down as CEO of Domino’s in May.
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Russell Weiner, who was promoted from president to succeed Allison, dished out $2,810 in 2021 on personal pies, FT reports.

Domino’s did not respond for comment on its executives’ pie-eating habits.

It’s not unusual for top restaurant executives to get reimbursed for sampling the product — and maybe throwing a pizza party or two, industry experts said.

Stacked pizza boxes.
Domino’s top executives submitted expenses for thousands of dollars worth of pizza, the company disclosed in a SEC filing.
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“It’s likely they are buying franchisees’ product to facilitate meetings,” speculated restaurant consultant John Gordon. “This may happen while the CEO is on the road, and he buys pizza and has a session either in the store or somewhere nearby.”

Any way you slice it, Domino’s honchos are helping themselves to a lot of product, given that a large pie costs just $12.99. The most expensive pie, which comes with chicken, bacon, Philly steak, salami, pineapple and parmesan-asiago cheese, costs $30.43, the FT reported.

The world’s largest pizza chain could use a boost.

A domino's store lit up with a customer entering.
Domino’s delivery same-store sales declined 6.6% in the fourth quarter, the company reported in February.
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Delivery orders fell in the fourth quarter, with same-store sales declining 6.6%, the company reported in February.