We’ve got the hots for Harry.

Americans fancy Prince Harry more than his future king brother, Prince William — despite the Duke of Sussex airing the royals’ dirty laundry in his dishy memoir, “Spare,” a new poll found.

Harry, who in 2020 stepped down from his official role as a royal along with his wife, Meghan Markle, wooed 48% of Americans during the second quarter of 2023 as 24% disapproved, according to YouGov data cited by Newsweek, giving the exiled royal a net approval of +24.

William was well-liked by 43% of interviewees, but got the cold shoulder from 21%, garnering a net rating of +22.

Kate Middleton, however, fared better than her husband and brother-in-law, receiving a 46% approval rating and just 11% disapproval, for a net rating of +35.

Poor Meghan Markle was the least-liked of the bunch, with just 40% of her home country feeling good about the former actress, while a whopping 23% gave negative reviews, for a paltry net rating of +17.

The poll data comes from roughly 1,500 interviews conducted between April and June.

The findings are a boon to the slacker prince, who has seen his popularity plummet following the January release of his memoir “Spare,” according to Newsweek.

Prince Harry received a net approval rating of +24 in a recent YouGov poll, despite his dishy tell-all.

Among the various bombshells packed in the prince’s dirt-dishing tell-all were how he lost his virginity to an older woman and William physically attacking him over his relationship with Meghan.

His decision to include an anecdote about him getting frostbite on his penis during a 2011 North Pole trip ended up setting the internet ablaze.

More recently, the Sussexes have been on blast for their axed Spotify deal, which was valued at an estimated $20 million.

The royal couple, who inked their contract with the audio behemoth in 2020, wound up producing only one show, “Archetypes,” with just 12 episodes.

Spotify exec Bill Simmons didn’t hold back, and slammed the pair as “f—ing grifters.”

Kate Middleton
Americans were bigger fans of Kate Middleton than her husband William or brother-in-law Prince Harry.

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle was the least well-liked of the four royals, receiving a paltry net approval of +17 from her own country.
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A source previously told The Post that the couple’s Archwell Productions didn’t churn out enough content to net them the entire payout.

The couple also appear to be on shaky ground with Netflix, where they signed a deal estimated at $100 million in 2020.

However, there are reportedly no plans for the Sussexes to split from the streamer as long as they continue to produce relevant content.