The Colorado dentist accused of murdering his wife exchanged sexts with his Texas orthodontist lover during the time he was allegedly poisoning his spouse, arrest documents revealed.

James Toliver Craig, of Aurora, traded raunchy emails with a married Marble Falls-based orthodontist named Karin Cain and flew her into Colorado while his wife was in hospital, according to his arrest warrant obtained by The Post.

Their messages “were intimate in nature and contained sexually explicit conversations,” investigators said in the document.

Cain called Craig “honey” and signed off with “I love you,” according to a screenshot of one of the exchanges included in the document.

A search of the dentist’s emails also found he had booked flights for Cain from Austin to Denver around the same dates he allegedly placed arsenic and potassium cyanide in wife Angela Craig’s pre-workout shakes to poison her.

Craig scheduled Cain’s first trip for March 8 through March 10 and Angela was hospitalized from March 9 through March 14, according to the affidavit.

He then purchased additional flights for his paramour to visit Colorado from March 16 to 20 on March 4 — the same day the arsenic he had purchased online was delivered to his house, the document states.

Craig was arrested and charged with first-degree murder for his wife’s death on March 19.
Aurora Police

James Craig smiles in suit and lab coat with dental glasses around neck
Craig had ordered multiple deadly chemicals to his home and office.
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James Craig smiles in suit and lab coat with dental glasses around neck
He allegedly poisoned his wife’s protein shakes.
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Angela was again admitted to the hospital on March 15 and died there on March 19.

“It appears James was flying this woman into Denver while his wife and the mother of his children was dying in the hospital,” investigators said in the affidavit.

It is not clear how Craig met Cain — a successful orthodontist and mother-of-two — but they are likely to have attended the same regional dental conferences and events. At the time she flew to Colorado, Cain was still married to her husband, but in divorce papers filed in Nov. 2022 she claimed they had separated in January of that year.

Craig seemingly told Cain that his wife was ill during her second and final hospital stay. There is no suggestion she had any inlking of his alleged scheme to poison his wife, but emailed him on March 16 expressing her concern at hearing of Angela’s condition.

“Hi honey, I am so sorry for what has transpired this week in your world,” she wrote. “I am sorry I am not a part of your world to be of more help to you and instead I am pulling you away.

Angela and James Craig have six children together.
Angela and James Craig have six children together.
Summerbrook Dental Group/Facebook

“This is so hard. I want to be and do whatever I can to support and encourage you and I don’t want to add to what has become an incredibly difficult time.”

Cain, who declined to speak to The Post when approached on Wednesday, also backed away from the relationship with Craig, saying that after his wife’s death she didn’t want to infringe on the family and friends mourning Angela.

“I do want to give you any comfort I can but I do not feel it is right for me to mix in with all of those gathering to mourn Angela either and I do not want to meet your family as a friend and try to conceal what I feel for you,” Cain wrote.

Angela — who was a mother to six children she shared with Craig — was taken off life support on March 19 after she was declared brain dead.

Investigators claim Craig fed her potassium cyanide, which he rush-ordered to his dental practice after watching a YouTube video titled “Top 5 undetectable poisons that show no signs of foul play” and “how to make poison.”

There is no indication Cain could have known of her lover’s alleged murderous plotting and she is not a suspect in the case.

However, Angela herself may have suspected her husband had put something in her shakes before her death.

An employee at the dental office told investigators that Craig told her when Angela was discharged from the hospital on March 14, she made accusations that James had poisoned her.

“Angela said something to James along the lines of ‘there are poisons they don’t test for’,” the arrest document stated.

She also texted her husband that she “felt drugged” before her first hospital stay when she began to exhibit symptoms.

“Just for the record, I didn’t drug you,” Craig texted back.

Investigators were tipped off when the dentist’s business partner and longtime friend told one of Angela’s nurses he was concerned she had been poisoned with potassium cyanide. Employees at the dental practice had opened a package for Craig and had discovered the deadly chemical, which was not commonly used for any dental surgeries or needs.

The nurse, a mandatory reporter, called police who began an investigation.

Soon after Angela was taken off life support, Aurora police arrested Craig for first-degree murder.