Dentist James Craig’s mistress has gone into hiding after it emerged she had been due to fly into Colorado to carry on their affair on the weekend he is charged with murdering his wife.

Texas-based orthodontist Karin Cain did not attend to her Marble Falls practice on Thursday, a day after she was named as the woman police say exchanged erotic emails with Craig and met him for trysts earlier this month as he laced his wife’s smoothies with arsenic and cyanide in a bid to kill her off, according to documents.

Authorities claim Craig had poisoned his wife Angela’s protein shakes in order to kill her with a view to starting a new life with Cain.

He was arrested hours after his spouse was declared brain dead and passed on March 19 and appeared in court in Aurora, Colo. Thursday, where he was formally charged with first-degree murder.

At the same time Cain was laying low, as the scandal of her meetups with the father-of-six became the talk of the small town, where she runs the only dental practice.

Neighbors who asked not to be identified told The Post they hadn’t seen Cain since the scandal broke and noted her car didn’t appear to be at her family home either. 

James Toliver Craig, 45, is charged with murdering his wife.

“If I were her, I’d be in hiding,” one resident said.

“It’s all anyone is talking about in town.”

Cain’s husband, Jason — who she filed to divorce in November 2022 — was at the home.

Angela Craig, James Tolliver Craig
Craig was arrested hours after his spouse was declared brain dead.
Summerbrook Dental Group/Facebook

Divorce documents show he usually lives on a static trailer at the property, but comes into the main house to shower.

The filings seen by The Post showed they had previously both been partners in the dental practice, but had argued over finances since separating in January 2022, with her accusing him of spending recklessly which has left her having to work without taking a salary in 2023 to keep the business afloat.

When approached by The Post Jason offered only a “no comment.”

Karin Cain
Karin Cain has gone into hiding after she had been due to fly into Colorado to carry on their affair.
NY Post

Jason’s mother, told The Post Thursday her main concern was for the couple’s kids, who are both now over 18. 

There is no suggestion Cain had any idea of Craig’s alleged twisted scheme to poison his wife, and after she fell ill and was hospitalized for the final time she had backed away from their fledgling relationship, according to emails included in the arrest warrant.

She is not thought to be under investigation by the Aurora police department which brought the charges against Craig.

In Marble Falls residents discussed news of the relationship between Craig and Cain in disbelief, describing her as a loving parent and model citizen who had sent her kids to an elite Christian private school and generously donated money to multiple charities. 

“It will be interesting to see if she shows her face at any of the charity events now,” a local mused. 

Gossips also speculated about the future of her business as she is the only orthodontist in the community, about one hour and a half from Austin.

Almost everyone with the need for braces is her client in Marble Falls.

“She’s the only one in town, so unless you want to take your kid an hour away, she will probably keep her business,” they added, noting the local community is supportive and will likely stand by her.

Craig’s plot is said to have unraveled after an employee at his office accidentally opened a package labelled for him and found it was arsenic.

Authorities were informed and they started to investigate but it was too late to save Angela.