Two people claim Alex Murdaugh cheated on his late wife Maggie — but jurors in his double murder trial won’t hear about it. 

The accused murderer’s sister-in-law Marion Proctor took the stand recently and told the South Carolina judge she believes Murdaugh cheated on her sister 15 years ago.

Proctor said her sister — found dead in June 2021 alongside her son Paul at the family’s hunting lodge — even kicked Alex out of the house due to her suspicions at the time of the alleged affair. 

The prosecution had sought to put Proctor on the stand to discuss the extramarital liaisons as it aruges Alex, 54, killed Maggie, 52, and Paul, 22, in cold blood — to distract from his dozens of admitted financial crimes and drug addiction.

But Judge Clifton Newman decided Murdaugh’s alleged affair happened too long ago to include in the trial, saying it could confuse jurors.

Alex is on trial for the murder of his wife, Maggie Murdaugh, as well as their son, Paul.

Photo of Proctor on the stand.
Maggie’s sister Marian Proctor testified without the jury present.

After Proctor took the stand, a 2022 interview in which a former sex worker claimed Murdaugh slept with her and abused her also resurfaced.

Speaking to FITSNews, Lindsey Edwards claimed she slept with the disgraced legal scion four times almost a decade ago.

Edwards said during their sessions Murdaugh choked her to the point of blacking out, and even pulled out clumps of her hair. 

Some have wondered if Edwards — who said she thought she might die while with Murdaugh — will be called to testify, especially because she made claims of physical abuse. 

South Carolina Law Enforcement Division spent hours interviewing Edwards, it was reported last year

Photo of Edwards sitting down in front of a microphone.
Lindsay Edwards detailed her alleged encounters with Murdaugh in a 2022 interview.

Murdaugh has maintained his innocence since being charged, but admitted Friday while on the stand that he was probably nearby the scene of the crime as it happened.

Pleading his innocence, he also said he believes a deranged person from social media found out about his son’s boat accident and killed his family members out of anger, as the trial continues.