Fox News commentator Gianno Caldwell is calling out the Chicago Police Department over his brother’s unsolved killing — saying cops in the Windy City “failed my family” a year after his younger sibling was randomly shot dead.

Caldwell, 36, told The Post Sunday that cops have repeatedly blown him off as he’s sought answers in the June 24, 2022, bystander shooting death of 18-year-old Christian Beamon.

“It’s been hell on earth,” he said. “It’s been a lot of pain.”

The Fox political analyst said he believed his year-long campaign for justice would have spurred police action.

“I thought just being a national TV personality, star, whatever you want to call it, or just having the spotlight was going to lead the police to really be effective in doing their jobs and want to soft it,” he said. “What has come is not that.”

Caldwell added: “I got all these great resources and powerful people and friends. Even when it first happened I had friends calling the chief of police, the superintendent of police in Chicago. Multiple people.

“It’s just really insane that I’m having to pull every lever that I can,” he said. “And it still meant nothing.”

Beamon was in Chicago’s Morgan Park when gunmen opened fire from a passing black sedan, killing the teenager and wounding several others — with cops recovering as many as 50 shell casings.

Fox News commentator Gianno Caldwell, right, with his teen brother Christian Beamon, who was shot and killed in Chicago one year ago Saturday. Caldwell told Fox News that Chicago police have “failed my family” since then.

Caldwell has since been fighting to get cops to track down his brother’s killer.

He blames former Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot for what he calls soft-on-crime policies that have led to a spike in crime in the city — which he said have continued under current mayor Brandon Johnson.

“If officers and prosecutors don’t want to do their jobs they should leave those jobs. Leave it to people who want to do the work,” Caldwell said Sunday.

“But this is where we are,” he continued. “I have a greater appreciation for all the other people who have to suffer even more than I have trying to get justice for my little brother.”

Fox commentator Gianno Caldwell with his kid brother, Christian Beamon.
Fox News commentator Gianno Caldwell, left, with his 18-year-old brother Christian Beamon, who was shot and killed June 24, 2022.

In an emotional interview on Fox on Friday, Caldwell said he was told in March that a suspect in his brother’s slaying was in federal custody — but the feds and city cops have refused to return his calls since.

“They absolutely failed us,” he told the network.

“It should not be that victims of violent crime across this country are suffering because prosecutors, these soft-on-crime prosecutors, these progressive prosecutors across the country are not doing their jobs,” he said. “Or these police departments where you have officers – and I respect police departments, I’m a big supporter of them, but for those who don’t want to do their jobs, they need to be called out.

“And that’s why I’m here today,” he said, fighting back tears. “I am pissed the hell off with injustice. I am pissed the hell off with inaction, and I will not stop until there’s justice for my brother.”

Fox News commentator Gianno Caldwell with his family.
Fox News commentator Gianno Caldwell, at center, with his family. Caldwell has repeatedly called for justice after his 18-year-old brother Christian Beamon was shot and killed one year ago Saturday. No one has been arrested in the case.

Caldwell said he has lobbied Congress to push for more action, adding that “violent crime is a bipartisan issue, because Democrats and Republicans and independents alike are getting killed.

“They should be interviewing me,” he said of the FBI. “Why haven’t you picked up the phone? Why haven’t you touched base with my mom or any family member?

“We are victims of a murder in Chicago. An innocent kid. An innocent kid.”

Caldwell is asking anyone with information about Beamon’s killing to call 312-747-8271.