Hail to the beef?

A Swedish man was shocked when he fired a steak on the grill — and saw former President Trump’s mug staring back at him.

The hunk of meat bears a somewhat uncanny resemblance to Trump’s signature blond bouffant and pouting lips.

“I realized the steak looked like Trump when I put it on the grill and started seasoning it with pepper,” Sten Flygare told Kennedy News and Media.

“It was looking at me, and I thought, ‘What the hell? It’s Trump.’”

A man from Sweden was shocked to realize his steak looked like Trump.
Kennedy News and Media

The dad bought the steak from the supermarket ICA for a barbecue he hosted on his terrace in July.

Flygare maintained that he didn’t do anything to make the steak look like Trump, 77 — when he took it out of the packaging, it was like the 45th president had taken a steakcation to Sweden.

“The shape of the face, the small mouth and not least, the white fat that forms the hairstyle — everything made it look like him,” Flygare insisted.

“The orange paprika and olive oil dressing made it look like Trump’s skin too,” he added.

Photo of a man holding a steak.
Sten Flygare bought the piece of meat to grill for a gathering on his terrace.
Kennedy News and Media

Following his unmisteakable discovery, Flygare snapped a pic with his phone.

He sent it to his sons, who had a cow.

In the end, Flygare and his guests ended up eating the steak, enjoying a piece of the former prez.

Trump himself briefly peddled Trump Steaks in 2007.

Photo of a guy grilling a piece of steak.
Flygare showed a picture of the steak to his sons, who also got a kick out of it.
Kennedy News and Media

Photo of Donald Trump.
When he shared the post on Facebook, many people could not believe the uncanny resemblance.

Photo of a man grilling.
Flygare ended up eating the steak with his guests.
Kennedy News and Media

“We ate the well-grilled steak and made the occasional comment and laughed about it,” Flygare told Kennedy News. “It tasted very good actually.”

On Tuesday, Flygare decided to share a photo of the presidential meat to his Facebook page, racking up over 1,000 likes, shares and comments.

“The massive comb over its perfect!” one person exclaimed.

Another agreed, typing, “It’s got the tiny butthole mouth and everything.”

Photo of a man grilling a piece of steak.
“The shape of the face, the small mouth and not least, the white fat that forms the hairstyle — everything made it look like him,” Flygare said.
Kennedy News and Media

Photo of a man with a piece of meat.
Flygare got over 1,000 likes and comments when he posted the piece of meat on his Facebook page.
Kennedy News and Media

For his part, Trump has been under fire as he faces criminal charges in four cases.

On Thursday evening, the former president was booked at the Fulton County Jail on charges of unlawfully trying to overturn Georgia’s 2020 election results, along with 18 co-defendants.

He spent around 20 minutes at the correctional facility, The Post reported.

He is the first US president to obtain a mugshot.

Trump is facing 91 criminal counts across the four cases, according to Bloomberg.

The former president has continued to maintain his innocence.