A Jan. 6 rioter nicknamed “Sedition Panda” because he wore a giant panda head while breaching the Capitol building has been busted for his role in the chaos, authorities say.

Jesse James Rumson, 37 — one of the first 20 people to storm the government complex during the 2021 mayhem — was arrested in Lecanto, Fla., on Friday, according to court documents.

Rumson faces a slew of charges for his alleged role in the rioting, including assaulting, resisting or impeding an officer and engaging in physical violence in a restricted building or grounds.

“Rumson can be seen running from the Senate Wings Door, hopping over railings, and climbing the stairs to enter the Capitol through the parliamentary door,” a court affidavit says.

He had on his panda head at the time, according to the filing and attached photos.

Rumson was seen wearing the panda headgear during the riot, officials say.
Dept. of Justice

The document adds, “Certain unknown individuals were given a nickname for the logical characterization of their video appearances” before they were identified in footage from that day.

“The individual described above was given the hashtag name of ‘#SeditionPanda’ because, at times, the individual was seen in both open-source and other footage wearing a large headpiece that appeared to be from a panda costume.”

Officials say Rumson, aka “Sedition Panda,” was one of the first 20 people to breach the Capitol building.
Dept. of Justice

The document includes dozens of pictures of Rumson with and without his signature headgear, including one that captured him leaving the Capitol building with his face exposed.

Rumson appeared to have been handcuffed at some point but removed the restraints with the help of fellow rioters.

Jan. 6 riot.
Rumson is one of nearly 80 Floridians busted for their alleged roles in the riot.
AFP via Getty Images

He later urged others to “get a ram” to breach another door at another Capitol access point, the papers state.

During a confrontation with cops, Rumson grabbed the headgear of a police officer and pushed it back.

A supporter of former President Donald Trump, Rumson also was pictured waving a “Don’t Tread on Me” flag and holding a rosary.

A total of 985 people have been arrested for the Capitol siege, many of them identified through photos and videos captured during the fracas.

According to a Tampa Bay Times rally, more Florida residents have been arrested for involvement in the Jan. 6 attack than any other state, with a total of nearly 80 people.