A pet monkey that wildly attacked an Oklahoma mom and almost ripped her ear off was caught on video charging at a man who lived nearby.

The little primate was seen on video roving in the man’s front yard before rushing and crashing into his screen door as he called for his dog to come inside and away from the animal.

The footage, obtained by Storyful, starts with the primitive scamp peacefully sitting and chomping on an orange in front of the door to the shock of the homeowner.

“What’s a monkey doing in Oklahoma!” the bewildered man says, adding. “Looks at that in Oklahoma – a monkey!”

The monkey charged toward a homeowner who luckily had his door closed.
Randal Flinn via Storyful

The encounter occurred Sunday.
The encounter occurred Sunday.
Randal Flinn via Storyful

While that homeowner avoided any violent conflict with the vicious animal, Brittany Parker of Dickson was not as lucky.

The monkey attacked the woman Sunday after she saw the animal behaving normally toward responding police officers and went outside with her son for a closer look, according to a local report.

That’s when the animal charged at her.

Oklahoma woman Brittany Parker
The woman’s ear was almost ripped off.

“He crawled up my back, yanked out multiple wads of hair, and then ripped my ear in half,” Parker explained to KXII. “And it was just hanging.”

The monkey, who belonged to an unidentified neighbor, was on Parker’s front porch, leading her to call police for assistance before she let her guard down once they arrived.

After the attack, the monkey went missing for several hours before a friend of Parker’s reportedly shot it dead.

The monkey appeared on Parker's porch before the attack.
The monkey appeared on Parker’s porch before the attack.

It’s unclear when the monkey visited the homeowner who caught the interaction on tape in relation to the attack on Parker.