An Oregon man arrested in a drug bust this week was found with a stash of fentanyl pills lodged in his “body cavity” when he was booked at jail, according to police.

Zecheriah Newcomb, 27, and Thomas Cole, 39, were arrested on Wednesday after a SWAT team and local police raided a single-family home in Redmond following a lengthy drug investigation, the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office said.

After receiving tips from concerned communities about drug activity at the home, investigators learned that the primary resident, Cole, was selling methamphetamine and counterfeit oxycodone pills, or fentanyl, according to the sheriff’s office.

Additionally, several wanted individuals with “significant” criminal history were living at the house, cops said.

Zecheriah Newcomb, 27, was found with about 20 fentanyl pills stashed in his rectum.

When the SWAT team arrived, they found eight people inside of the home and seized “commercial quantities” of meth and fentanyl pills.

Newcomb was arrested on a felony parole violation warrant.  

While Newcomb was being processed at the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Adult Jail, booking agents sniffed out around 20 fentanyl pills wrapped in plastic stuffed in his rectum, The Sheriff’s Office told The Post.

Grubb was arrested and charged with Possession and Delivery of a Schedule I Controlled Substance.

He was subsequently charged with introducing contraband into a public safety facility.