Queen Camilla is growing into her role as monarch alongside her husband, King Charles III.

The pair made a grand appearance at the Royal Ascot earlier this week — and body language expert Darren Stanton has revealed how the two lean on each other in public.

Stanton revealed to Betfair Casino how Charles, 74, often depends on Camilla, 75, for “strength and reassurance,” while she “takes the lead” during their speaking engagements.

At the event, Stanton noted that while the duo “look very comfortable and confident together,” the former Prince of Wales sometimes seems lost without his beloved standing “directly by his side.”

“She has become his rock who he depends on in social settings,” he said. “Camilla doesn’t have to be joined at the hip.”

Stanton added that Camilla has become more secure with her royal duties and is “authentic” in her emotions.

“She looks comfortable in her posture and the way she is standing. She also isn’t crossing her arms. It tells me that she is comfortable being on her own,” he said of the ex-Duchess of Cornwall at the posh horse party.

Charles and Camilla attend day three of the Royal Ascot on June 22.
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However, the expert also applauded Charles for showing more determination and courage in recent years as he has matured into being the British sovereign.

“Charles often has his hands in his pockets or pretends he is rubbing something away from his eye,” Stanton explained, adding that this is an example of “masking his emotions.”

But his demeanor apparently has shifted, Stanton suggested.

“But, instead, he seemed to have more confidence and was authentic about how he was feeling by standing tall and was in control of what he was doing,” he said.

Camilla and Charles were formally crowned as monarchs of the United Kingdom at Westminster Abbey on May 6.

The father of two — Prince William and Prince Harry — became king in September 2022 upon the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth.

Camilla became queen consort and then, ultimately, queen when the previous monarch died. She was crowned alongside Charles at their coronation on May 6.

The royal family has faced their fair share of scandals in the first few months of Charles’ reign.

His youngest son, 38-year-old Prince Harry, dropped his 410-page bombshell memoir “Spare” earlier this year, where he slammed the Firm — especially his potentially “wicked stepmother” Camilla.

 King Charles III and Queen Camilla
Prince Harry has had a tense relationship with his father and stepmother in recent years.
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The Duke of Sussex, 38, alleged in his book that she leaked stories to the press about him, and he later discussed her “villain” media label in a promotional interview for the publication.

The book has allegedly fractured relationships between Harry, Charles and Camilla, with several of her friends apparently even bashing the Invictus Games founder’s claims.

A pal of Camilla reportedly told the Daily Beast recently: “How does she get past [the allegations]? It’s one thing to call your stepmother a bitch privately or in a family argument. But to put it in a book which is catching up with the Bible on sales?

“I think Harry knew exactly what he was doing, and the result is predictable. Charles loves Camilla. He made her queen. He doesn’t react very well to criticism of her,” the furious insider added.