The Democrat who nearly defeated Rep. Lauren Boebert in last year’s midterm election has raised more than three times the amount of funds than Boebert over the last three months, according to a report.

Adam Frisch, who is challenging Boebert once again in 2024 for her seat in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District, reported hauling in $2.6 million in the second quarter of the year, the Colorado Sun reported on Monday. 

Frisch’s total for April through June is more than triple the roughly $818,000 in campaign contributions received by Boebert over the same period. 

The Frisch campaign also reported outraising Boebert in the first quarter by nearly a million dollars. 

From January through March, Fritsch received $1.7 million in campaign contributions compared to Boebert’s $764,000 haul. 

Adam Frisch has reportedly raised $4.3 million so far this year.
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Lauren Boebert
Boebert beat Frisch last year by less than 600 votes.
Timothy Fadek

“I want to extend my deepest gratitude to every single person who has donated to this campaign to give the people of Southern and Western Colorado a representative who will take the job seriously and work across the aisle to find solutions to the problems facing this district,” Frisch said in a statement. 

“Boebert continues to vote against the interests of her constituents while devoting her time to ‘angertainment’ antics that do nothing to help CO-3. We can do better than Boebert, and thanks to our generous supporters, we will defeat her in 2024,” he added. 

The Frisch campaign said the amount of donations it received in the second-quarter shattered the record for the “largest quarterly fundraising for a U.S. House challenger in the year before an election, excluding special elections and self-funded campaigns.”

Boebert squeaked out a win in her re-election race last November, beating Frisch by just 546 votes out of more than 327,000 cast — a margin of 0.16%.

Frisch conceded the race before an automatic recount triggered by the narrow margin could be completed. 

In 2022, Boebert’s campaign spent $7.4 million, while Frisch spent $6.3 million, according to the Colorado Sun.