A Thai drug lord has been busted despite getting plastic surgery while on the run to look like a “handsome Korean man,” according to cops.

Saharat Sawangjaeng, 25, was busted Thursday after more than three months on the run — while pretending to be a South Korean national named Jimin Seong, cops told the Bangkok Post.

Mugshots showed how he’d seemingly completely changed his appearance in a case being likened to the 1997 action flick “Face/Off.”

“None of his original face was left,” a police official told the outlet.

Sawangjaeng was accused by cops of being a “drug lord” who was “one of the main causes of Bangkok’s MDMA epidemic” who flooded clubs with ecstasy.

“None of his original face was left,” a police official said of the surgery.
Thailand National Police

Despite being on the run, he continued behind-the-scenes dealings in his drug empire, helping cops locate him at his luxury condo where he was hiding out.

However, neighbors told them that only a “handsome Korean man” lived there — whom police ultimately realized was their suspect.

He reportedly told cops that he planned to move to South Korea, even though he cannot speak the language.

“I want to start a new life. I am bored of Thailand,” he said during the arrest, according to the BBC.

Local media called it the “Face/Off” case after the John Woo movie starring Nicolas Cage and John Travolta as an FBI officer and a criminal who swap faces.