Newly-released bodycam video shows the boyfriend of Alexee Trevizo, the New Mexico teen who allegedly dumped her newborn into a hospital trash can, telling police he was the dead child’s father.

Devyn Fierro was sitting in a waiting room at Artesia General Hospital, where a police officer was speaking to Trevizo’s mother on Jan. 27, a few hours after investigators say the 19-year-old secretly gave birth to a boy and left him to die.

Fierro told the officer that he and Trevizo have been together for almost two years – and nodded when asked whether he was the dead child’s father, according to the video obtained by Law & Crime.

However, he didn’t mention if he knew his girlfriend was pregnant.

Trevizo’s mother, Rosa Rodriguez, told the cop that her daughter told her she wanted to go to the hospital because of back pain.

“I honestly didn’t know she was pregnant. I didn’t know. I just thought, like, she said, ‘I have back pain. My hips are hurting me,’” she said, adding that her daughter has suffered from back problems since she was a child and needs chiropractic care.

Devyn Fierro, left, the boyfriend of 19-year-old Alexee Trevizo, admitted being the father of the newborn son she allegedly dumped into a hospital trash can.

Fierro told the officer that Trevizo began experiencing severe pain the night before.

“She said her hips were hurting bad. I asked if anything else was hurting and she said, ‘Just everything.’ And she went to sleep,” he said.

Rodriguez also asked about what the police were going to do with her daughter.

“How, like, are y’all gonna take to custody or anything like that?” she said.

“That depends on what the DA finds. We have to wait for the autopsy to come back to see what happened,” the officer said, adding that Trevizo “needs to be stabilized” before investigators speak to her.

The teen — who went to the hospital while in labor — has been charged with first-degree murder, or alternatively abusing a child resulting in death, and tampering with evidence after the dead baby was found.

Hospital security footage shows her running out of her room toward a hallway bathroom while clutching her buttocks shortly after 1:30 a.m. as her mother followed. Nurses who waited outside the bathroom found it suspicious that the teen had locked herself inside for so long.

After about 20 minutes, one nurse is seen walking a set of keys to the bathroom in order to get to Trevizo, but she opens the door just seconds before the hospital staffer was able to get inside, the footage shows.

Inside, the nurses discovered a bloody scene, which doctors initially believed was Trevizo trying to terminate her pregnancy, before a custodian noticed the trash can in which the body of a newborn baby was found.

“I’m sorry. It came out of me and I didn’t know what to do. I was scared,” Trevizo, who had previously denied ever having sex despite her positive pregnancy results, said in a previously released bodycam video.

Though she remained adamant that the baby appeared to have been stillborn, the New Mexico Office of the Medical Investigator later determined that the death was a homicide.

Trevizo was released from jail and permitted to finish the school year without an ankle monitor or house arrest as she awaits trial.