Alex Rodriguez had a bold idea to help save the Los Angeles Angels, but it likely won’t make many in their fanbase happy. 

The former Yankees third baseman turned analyst suggested trading both Shohei Ohtani and Mike Trout in order to put the Angels in a position to win a World Series championship in five years.

The out-of-the-box idea was proposed during FS1’s pre-coverage of the Home Run Derby in Seattle. 

Ohtani will be a free agent this upcoming offseason and with the MLB trade deadline approaching, Rodriguez thought now might be the time to make a move of that caliber. 

“I think this needs a serious, serious situation and a bold move,” Rodriguez said. “I think the Angels win a world championship in five years if they do this: First, you trade Ohtani, then you trade Trout. And you try to get five or six players, load up with first-rounders and the next thing that you have to do is bring in a guy like Theo Epstein, give him ownership and let him run the shop. 

Alex Rodriguez thinks the Angels can win the World Series in five years if they trade Shohei Ohtani and Mike Trout.
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“And that move has to come first and then follow up. I don’t think you have the time, but that would be the move.”

The Angels have quite a predicament on their hands when it comes to Ohtani’s future with the club.

Ohtani’s return to Los Angeles isn’t guaranteed and it will cost the team a pretty penny to retain his services. 

The dual-threat player is worth every penny, batting .302/.387/.663 and leading the majors in home runs with 32 while posting a 7-4 record and 3.32 ERA on the mound.

Trout has 18 home runs this season and is slashing .263/.369/.493.

Shohei Ohtani could get traded ahead of MLB's trade deadline in 2023.
Shohei Ohtani could get traded ahead of MLB’s trade deadline in 2023.
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Trading away the Angels’ two biggest pieces — not to mention two of MLB’s biggest stars — would be a move that would rattle many fans.

“So the first move is to trade Ohtani and then Trout. And then you sell the team and then you move out of Anaheim in that order,” Derek Jeter joked after Rodriguez made his recommendation. 

For now, it doesn’t seem like Rodriguez’s plan is going to come to fruition. 

One, trading first-round picks isn’t allowed in Major League Baseball and two, Angels owner Arte Moreno intends on holding onto Ohtani, according to Bob Nightengale.

Mike Trout has compiled 18 homers so far in the 2023 season.
Mike Trout has compiled 18 homers so far in the 2023 season.
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The Angels entered the All-Star break with a 45-46 record. 

Los Angeles had also dropped five straight games headed into the break.