Buck Showalter wasn’t a fan of Pete Alonso’s live f-bomb.

After his three-run, walk-off home run against the Rays last Wednesday, Mets star first baseman Pete Alonso used his trademark “LFGM” phrase during an on-field interview with SNY that was aired over the Citi Field PA system — except instead of the acronym, Alonso said, “let’s f–king go Mets.”

The f-bomb aired uncensored.

And while some fans may have loved the messages, his manager may have been silently muttering a few profanities of his own. 

During a Tuesday appearance on “The Michael Kay Show,” Showalter alluded to the f-bomb while discussing Alonso’s “infectious” energy.

“I get to hear some things he says in the dugout and some things he shouldn’t say outside the dugout here and there, although that’s a story for another day, even though I’m sure it will be here shortly,” Showalter said.

Pete Alonso celebrating his walk-off home run in the Mets’ win over the Rays on May 17, 2023.
Robert Sabo for the NY Post

Michael Kay jumped on the opportunity to ask the manager about the f-bomb, saying he wasn’t going to bring it up but will ask since Showalter referenced it.

Showalter said he “of course” was bothered by Alonso’s swearing in that setting.

“I learned my lesson a long time ago,” Showalter said. “My mother could read lips and boy, that Sunday drive home after a day game when I would always call her and put the phone on speaker, she would tell me, and I always felt horrible. Yeah, it’s not a good idea and something that I don’t think you’ll see it happen again. I hope not.”

Mets manager Buck Showalter wasn't happy with Pete Alonso's f-bomb.
Mets manager Buck Showalter wasn’t happy with Pete Alonso’s f-bomb.

Kay assumed the Mets manager addressed the incident with Alonso, saying it was “impressive” that the first baseman received the criticism well since Showalter said he doesn’t think it’ll happen again.

“Let’s face it, everybody on this call, with the exception of me, has used that word,” Showalter joked to Kay, Don La Greca, and Peter Rosenberg. “It’s just the venue you put it in, and people are always listening here. It’s just unfortunate because I don’t want somebody’s day at the ballpark to be less than it could be because of something someone heard that shouldn’t hear it.”

According to Awful Announcing, Kay claimed to have never used the f-word in his life.

He attributed this to a childhood experience of having to eat soap after saying the word “suck.”

Alonso, 28, leads the majors with 18 home runs and the National League with 43 RBIs.