A massive baseball brawl broke out earlier this week in California after a high school game.

On Wednesday, Norwalk High School defeated Mayfair High School, 3-2, in Lakewood, a town about 25 miles outside Los Angeles, and a melee ensued during the postgame.

As Norwalk swept Mayfair to advance to the playoffs, one of the victors took a broom with him to the handshake line.

In a video that emerged of the incident, spectators were unhappy with the taunting, with one woman yelling, “Put that away! Put your broom in the dugout! Respect the game!”

Players on both teams began throwing punches and it took over a minute for everybody to be separated.

There is a second video that shows a closer angle of the skirmish as it was fully heated up.

A massive brawl broke out between high school baseball teams after one player brought a broom into the handshake line.

Police and both schools are investigating the incident.
Police and both schools are investigating the incident.

Amid the brawl, you can hear the same woman who had previously yelled about respecting the game telling a combatant to “Get off our field! Put the f–king bat down, you piece of s–t! Get off the field!”

Then a man yells, “This is your f–king fault, coach! You guys are f–king stupid!”

Afterward, a woman could be heard telling a player, “You a-shole! You little s–thead! I hope your f–king glasses are broken!”

The Lakewood Sheriff’s Department told TMZ that police eventually responded to the scene and that the incident is under investigation.

Meanwhile, administrators from the two schools as well as The California Interscholastic Federation informed the outlet that they are in the process of gathering information and they will ultimately determine discipline at a later date.

“An update will be released once the investigation is complete,” TMZ was told.