The New England Patriots and owner Robert Kraft welcomed home a fan who went viral during their game last week.

After the Patriots’ crushing 30-24 loss to the Raiders last week, a lone New England fan was berated by a Vegas fan for daring to cheer on the Patriots in her stadium.

Jerry Edmond, the Patriots fan in question, flew to Las Vegas to see the game, his first NFL game ever. The entire time he was being jeered as he stood calmly and didn’t respond to the woman insulting him.

The Patriots owner Robert Kraft caught wind of the incident and personally invited Edmond to Saturday’s game against the Bengals. They gifted him pregame passes and a personalized jersey. Edmond also got to watch New England’s 22-18 loss to the Bengals from Kraft’s private box.

Jerry Edmond sits in Robert Kraft’s box for Patriots-Bengals on Saturday.

Kraft took the gesture further by meeting Edmonds in person and inviting him to watch the game from his personal suite. Kraft commended him for his behavior during their exchange, saying that he represents the Patriots.

“What you did was so classy,” Kraft said. “You represent what our whole franchise is about.”