The blunt bromance continues for Aaron Rodgers and Sauce Gardner.

During Jets OTAs in June, the four-time NFL MVP and the reigning Defensive Rookie of the Year practiced their new secret greeting, which mimed them smoking marijuana.

The inside joke appears to include a new member, based on a video posted to TikTok under the account @saucexwilson.

In the clip, which was posted three days ago, Gardner and Rodgers are seen talking to a water girl during Jets practice.

The video’s caption pretty much says it all: “Aaron Rodgers and Sauce Gardner pass their blunt to the water girl.”

Aaron Rodgers (right) and Sauce Gardner (second from right) are seen sharing their blunt celebration with a water girl during a recent practice.
@saucexwilson/TikTok screenshot

Gardner and Rodgers mimic smoking a joint.
Gardner (left) and Rodgers are separated by 17 years in age, but united in their blunt celebration.
Corey Sipkin for the NY POST

Rodgers isn’t hiding his interest in mind-altering experiences.

The quarterback, a self-proclaimed hippie, has acquired a well-known fondness for darkness retreats and ayahuasca, claiming the psychedelic drug led to his “best season” in 2021 and helped him learn to “love himself.”

Gardner and Rodgers mimic smoking a joint.
Rodgers and Gardner unveiled their blunt celebration during OTAs in June.

Gardner and Rodgers mimic smoking a joint.
Rodgers and Gardner have quickly become bosom buddies.
Bill Kostroun/New York Post

The 39-year-old Rodgers and the 22-year-old Gardner make quite the pair.

They went out to dinner in May and attended a Knicks playoff game, during which the young cornerback didn’t know who actress Jessica Alba was.

In July, Gardner got Rodgers “a surprise gift”: a green and white No. 8 necklace.

“So, you’re my jeweler’s favorite quarterback,” Gardner told Rodgers. “You know what I mean, Al the Jeweler. So he wanted to cook up something special for you. He brought the idea to me, I said ‘I think it would be a good idea.’

“I think he’ll like it,” Gardner said of the gift. “It’s probably not his style all the way, but I feel like it’s gonna be good since he’s in New York now.”