1Password will now let you securely share files and documents with anyone using just a link. The password manager previously started supporting secure password sharing with links last year, and this feature is now being expanded to include documents and files that are stored in 1Password.

Sharing a document or file is as easy as sharing a password from 1Password, and the recipient doesn’t need to even use 1Password to access files. You can share a file with anyone through a link, and you can set an expiry date on the link or even restrict it so people have to verify their email address with a one-time code to view the file.

1Password users can share files, documents, passwords, or just sensitive data.
Image: 1Password

The shared item or file will be displayed on 1Password’s site, and recipients can copy fields, download files, or even save items into their own 1Password account if they have one. Sharing 1Password items is similar to how you’d invite someone to a Google Drive file, but without a link that lasts forever and improved control over who can view the item.

1Password has also improved its sharing process, alongside the file and documents support. Recipients can now see shared items in their preferred language, and senders can share items with an entire company’s email domain and still require recipients to verify their individual email address. Other improvements include new icons, and lots of customization options for 1Password admins.