Epic Games finally showed off the Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN) at its State of Unreal 2023 presentation on Wednesday. It’s a new PC application that’s set to launch Wednesday on the Epic Games Store as a public beta, and it will also feature a new scripting language called “Verse.”

UEFN has “many of the same features” Epic uses to make Fortnite proper, the company said in a video demo. You’ll be able to import custom assets to create worlds that may end up looking nothing like Fortnite’s usual cartoony vibe. In a live demo onstage, Epic showed a gritty, largely brown world, which significantly contrasts with the brightly-colored Fortnite player characters. Epic also wants interoperability between Fortnite and Unreal Engine assets so that you can bring your work across projects.

Epic first launched Fortnite’s Creative mode in 2018, and it’s since become a popular aspect of the game and a lucrative place for creators to make money. Epic is pitching UEFN as a tool for both experienced Unreal Engine developers and creators who are looking to take the next step from Fortnite Creative’s in-game editing tools.