The upcoming Galaxy Watch 6 could come with a larger display thanks to its slimmed-down bezels. A specs list posted by leaker SnoopyTech (via 9to5Google) suggests that the 40mm Watch 6 will come with a 1.31-inch OLED display, while the 44mm version will feature a 1.47-inch OLED display.

The specs sheet indicates that the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic will get a similar upgrade, featuring the same display sizes across its rumored 43mm and 47mm options. According to the specs sheet, the 1.2-inch display might come with a 432 x 432 resolution, while the 1.47-inch screen may have a 480 x 480 resolution. That’s a slight upgrade from the 1.2-inch and 1.4-inch displays on its Galaxy Watch 5 predecessor.

Additionally, the leaked list corroborates previous rumors that Samsung plans to add sapphire crystal glass displays to all of its Watch 6 models for better durability, something it reserved only for the more expensive Watch 5 Classic last year. Along with an upgraded display, the Galaxy Watch 6 is expected to reverse some of the changes Samsung made with the Galaxy Watch 5 — namely, the addition of the touch bezel. Leaked images suggest that the Galaxy Watch 6 lineup could feature a physical rotating bezel instead.

But those aren’t the only things that Samsung might be changing. The specs sheet indicates the Watch 6 could come with a new Exynos W930 chip, 16GB of storage, and 2GB of RAM — an upgrade from the 1.5GB of RAM included with the Watch 5. There may also be slightly bigger batteries in the Watch 6 and Watch 6 Classic, with the smaller size options coming with a 300mAh battery and the larger ones with a 425mAh battery. It’s unclear whether that will translate to better battery life, however, which was one of our biggest complaints in our review of the Watch 5.