Netflix’s Exploding Kittens — The Game, a new mobile title based on the popular card game, will be available for free for Netflix subscribers on May 31st, the company announced Tuesday. The new game will be a different version than the one that’s already available on the App Store and Google Play, and at launch, it will have two exclusive cards. Down the line, Netflix plans to add cards based on the upcoming animated series that will be hitting the service in 2023.

Netflix also revealed three additional mobile games that will all be available on Tuesday as part of the service’s growing library of mobile titles: Moonlighter, Townsmen — A Kingdom Rebuilt, and Dragon Up. Once all four of the titles are released, Netflix will count 22 games as part of its catalog.

The company first launched its mobile games initiative in early November on Android and on iOS a week later, and has steadily added titles to the service since then. Netflix has also snapped up a few studios, including Oxenfree developer Night School.

Netflix is going through a bit of a rough patch since it reported losing subscribers for the first time in over a decade, and it recently laid off some employees.