Reddit is acting up again. On Wednesday, some of us at The Verge ran into some issues browsing the site, including threads with blank comments and some pages with a “504 Gateway Timeout” message.

The issues appear to differ across new and old Reddit. I typically browse on old Reddit, and I can see comments on posts but have occasionally run into the 504 errors. When browsing an Incognito Chrome window to see things on new Reddit, I can see that people have posted comments but can’t actually see what they’ve written. At the bottom, Reddit’s website shows messages that say, “We had a server error…” I’m seeing this issue when logged out on Reddit’s mobile website as well.

Screenshot by Jay Peters / The Verge

When logged in on new Reddit, old Reddit, and in iOS app, comments are loading as expected for me.

Reddit didn’t immediately reply to a request for comment. As of this writing, Reddit’s status page says that all systems are operational. Downdetector shows a peak of about 1,800 user reports of issues (which isn’t that high for a huge platform like Reddit).

Update August 23rd, 3:56PM ET: Added further details about what I’m seeing.