A forum post at ResetEra points out a leaked listing on the PlayStation Direct site (via IGN) that reveals confirmation of the previously rumored PS5 remake of The Last of Us — the first one that is scheduled for release on September 2nd. The page they spotted included box art, screenshots, and information about a PlayStation Direct-exclusive Firefly Edition with special bonuses, but it’s already been pulled.

However, the source link for a trailer advertising the release is still live as of this writing, and a title card at the end reveals not only the potential PS5 release date but one final tag saying “also in development for PC.” That sets up Joel and Ellie’s adventure to follow in the footsteps of the PC ports for updated older PlayStation exclusives like God of War, Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection, and Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Image: Sony

Given the popularity of The Last of Us, it’s strange that this port hasn’t been announced sooner. According to the now-pulled listing, players on PS5 and PC can expect “a total overhaul of the original experience, faithfully reproduced but incorporating modernized gameplay, improved controls and expanded accessibility options. Plus, feel immersed with improved effects and enhanced exploration and combat.”

The expanded accessibility options are a positive change, and they could pull from the much-improved suite of features that debuted with The Last of Us: Part II.

The Last of Us™ Part I Firefly Edition includes the complete The Last of Us single-player story (PS5™) and celebrated prequel chapter, Left Behind; limited edition SteelBook® display case; The Last of Us: American Dreams #1 – #4 comics reprint with new cover art; and early in-game unlocks*.

Much like the release of The Last of Us Remastered that was made for the PlayStation 4, this remake will include the “Left Behind” story DLC, although it’s unclear which bonuses are limited to the PlayStation Store exclusive edition or if there’s a digital purchase option for the Firefly Edition. However, with Summer Game Fest 2022 set to start soon, it might not be long before we find out more official information.