LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Strip workers tell FOX5 the traffic caused by F1 deconstruction has been worse than the backups caused by putting up the infrastructure leading up to the race.

“Las Vegas Boulevard going to Sands Avenue – that’s the one that’s starting to slow down,” a Venetian employee told FOX5, wanting to remain anonymous. “The Sphere causes a lot of traffic, too, especially on the weekend. Oh my god.”

When Sphere has a U2 performance or a Postcard From Earth showing, the crowds can double that employee’s commute time, since her shifts usually line up with showtimes at the new venue.

“Yesterday, it took almost 40 minutes from home to here,” she lamented. “People still keep walking to the Sphere – across Koval to the Sphere. That causes traffic.”

This has been the case, she says, even without major closures on Sands Boulevard, which she takes to work every day. But now, with more closures on the way for Sands, she’s looking for other options – although there are not many.

“Flamingo also – very bad traffic,” she warned. “If you can, stay away.”

Here are some partial lane closures to be aware of for the rest of this week.


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