LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Animal rescue groups and animals shelters in the Las Vegas Valley face a big challenge, there’s a huge number of animals needing forever homes and only so much space for them while they wait.

In just one week, the Animal Foundation (the shelter for the City of Las Vegas) took in 270 strays. FOX5 spoke to their CEO about the challenge of taking in so many animals.

One stray that came into the shelter 70 days ago is 3-year-old Buttercup. Buttercup has clearly been trained and as she will perform commands, but no one has come forward to claim her. While many lost animals can be quickly reunited with their families, Buttercup continues to wait. “She didn’t have a microchip when we got her, so there was really no firm way to get her back to her owners…Staff and volunteers have just fallen in love with her,” explained Max Blaustein, Marketing/ Communications Coordinator for the Animal Foundation.

The shelter is full of strays like Buttercup. Animal Foundation CEO Hilarie Grey says this time of year, most of the animals that come in do already have homes. “The majority of those aren’t abandoned animals they are ones that just got out of your house…you’ve got a lot of family visiting, a lot chaos for the holidays,” Grey contended. Grey shared most lost pets are found within a mile of home.

“If you find a lost pet, in your neighborhood, chances are he is in his own neighborhood,” Grey stated. To keep the shelter population manageable, the Animal Foundation asks anyone who finds a stray dog to try and find the owner before bringing it in, by knocking on doors or posting in neighborhood groups.

“Try and get them home so they never have to come to the shelter,” Grey asked. If you are thinking of surrendering a pet to the shelter especially for financial reasons, the Animal Foundation can help.

“If they have lost their job and have a financial issue or maybe their landlord has increased their pet rent, we have a program called KEPPT (Keep Every Person and Pet Together) that can help with that we also have a pet food pantry that can help,” Grey revealed.

If your pet does get loose, the Animal Foundation says they will work with you on reclaim fees. They just want to make sure pets get home.

You can find a link to all 268 pets up for adoption right now here: The Animal Foundation Pet Adoption Search


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