LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – An arrest report obtained by FOX5 reveals details not seen on the now-viral video of the attack.

District Court Judge Mary Kay Holthus was sentencing 30-year-old Deobra Redden on charges of attempted battery with substantial bodily harm at the time of the outburst. Courtroom cameras capture Redden leaping over the bench and landing atop the judge.

WATCH: Clark County District Court judge attacked during sentencing hearing

The arrest reports says the suspect then pulled the judge’s hair and slapped her.

A corrections officer and a law clerk also got involved in trying to restrain him. A deputy marshal’s head got split open on the bench. He also dislocated his shoulder. The report says Redden punched two other people before another corrections officer and deputy marshal restrained him.

The report says Judge Holthus took herself to the hospital with back pain. Paramedics took the deputy marshal to the hospital by ambulance.

At this time Redden faces five pending criminal charges including one count of battery, three counts of battery on a protected person, and one count of attempted battery.

Man accused of leaping on Las Vegas judge refuses to appear in court

He refused to appear in court for a status hearing Thursday. That hearing now rescheduled for January 9th.


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