LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Oakland A’s owner, John Fisher, was in town this week to discuss his team’s move to Las Vegas, but many unknowns still surround plans for the stadium on the Strip.

Fisher had a fireside chat during Wednesday’s Las Vegas Chamber “Preview Las Vegas Event,” but he shared few details and no new renderings of the stadium. Also no word on whether it will have a retractable roof, or when construction might start.

Fisher did address questions about funding. Nevada has already approved $370 million for the project, but the team needs to come up with a billion dollars of its own money to get the state’s cash.

“The stadium will cost perhaps close to $1.5 billion. That would be funded mostly with equity from my family,” said Fisher. “We’d actually like to consider raising capital, especially from local investors because we think that creates a connection to the community. We’ve seen that with a lot of other teams — became successful and with a little bit of debt.”

The owner also asked about the A’s payroll. It’s the smallest in the major leagues.

Fisher says his team’s in a rebuilding period. He hopes the move to Las Vegas will help them hold on to their best players moving forward.


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