LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Ashley Prince’s fight to get sole custody came to an end when she was shot and killed last week during a child custody deposition.

However, her family said they will continue her fight as they opened up about what Ashley went through during her custody battle with Dylan Prince. On the morning of April 8, a child custody deposition at the 5th-floor office of Prince Law Group ended with three people dead.

In 911 calls released Monday afternoon, a caller is heard describing the man who opened fire.

“It’s Joseph Houston, he’s older gentleman, the caller said.

“Joseph Houston? Is he an employee there? is he a customer?” the 911 operator asked.

“He is an attorney,” the caller said.

Houston was an attorney who represented his son, Dylan Houston, in a brutal custody battle between Ashley Prince and her current husband and attorney, Dennis Price.

According to police, moments after the Monday deposition started, Houston pulled the trigger on both Ashley and Dennis before he turned the gun on himself.

“She was a devoted and fierce protector of her children,” Ashley’s mom, Julie Page, said.

Ashley’s two children, who are 4 and 5, are now without a mother. Amidst their grief, Ashely’s family held a press conference and described the days and years after her divorce from Dylan in October of 2021.

“She battled relentlessly and unfortunately, all our fears became a reality,” Julie said.

As FOX5 reported, Ashley filed for sole custody of her two kids, which was granted by the court.

“For the past two years we have felt helpless and devastated as we witnessed Ashley endure verbal and mental abuse and threats at the hands of her husband, former husband, Dylan Houston,” Julie said.

Ashley’s father, Paul Page, read some of the threatening text messages Dylan had sent Ashley, adding that sometimes Dylan would text Ashley up to 70 times a day.

“Dylan texted Ashley, ‘Prepare for a future on your knees, and I will chisel you down to a weaker and worthless sack of bones,’” Paul read.

In another message, Paul said Dylan texted Ashley, “And I’ll crush you in ways you don’t even comprehend, and lastly, I don’t want to see you unless you’re in a casket.”

The family said Dylan had a history of alcohol and drug abuse, which was noted in court documents where he was subjected to drug testing.

“At one point, he went several months without seeing the children, because of drug use. Once he was allowed visitation, he was under supervision,” Julie said. “It never seemed to bother him.”

After last week’s shooting, a motion was filed for Ashley’s sister to have temporary custody of the two kids she shared with Dylan.

“It’s a tragedy almost impossible to bear, but we are determined to carry on her legacy and fight to ensure the long-term safety of our grandchildren,” Julie said.

Ashley and Dennis also leave behind an infant, who is also in the care of Ashley’s sister.

The Houston family released the following statement: “We cannot begin to imagine the devastating sense of loss felt by the Page and Prince families. We understand their shock and anger. We, too, are shocked. None of us ever could conceive of our loving father doing something so egregiously out of character. Our hope is that through the darkness, despair and grief, we can focus on the needs of the children. That focus extends to refraining from rebuttals and public accusations. Dylan is a dedicated father and is singularly committed to the welfare of his children. We are hopeful that Dylan and his children will be together soon and we all can begin to heal.”


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