LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – After one person was killed and four more were hurt by gunshots at a homeless camp on Charleston Blvd. near US 95 Friday, a local nonprofit is stepping up its efforts to get people off the streets and our of harm’s way.

“They’re out here and they’re unprotected, and they’re exposed to these kinds of things,” Robert Banghart, outreach director at Shine a Light, told FOX5 Tuesday, referencing Friday’s violence.

Banghart was handing out necessities to people living unhoused in the area.

“The bags are just basic supplies; water, socks, granola bars, some NARCAN,” he listed. “Overdose rates are super high, we wanna make sure they’re able to help each other out.”

The numbers bear out the worry about overdoses. Data from LVMPD shows crimes against society have risen substantially over the last two years. Under the umbrella of this type of crime is drug violations, which make up the plurality of societal crimes in the area.

People who live near Charleston and US 95 say drugs are a big issue, particularly the money surrounding them.

“For people in this area, and most people in general, three to four thousand dollars a day, somebody’s going to kill over that,” Jason Ferrer, who lives unhoused near the scene of Friday’s shooting, told FOX5. “Especially in this area.”

Property crimes and crimes against people in that area have stayed around the same level for the last two years.

While out helping Tuesday, Shine a Light also gave out bracelets with outreach numbers so people in need can call for help.


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