LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – This weekend, the Las Vegas Aviators will take up a new name for one night only.

On Saturday, April 20, the Triple-A affiliate team will temporarily become the “Las Vegas Gamblers.” The team will make the switch as they face off against the Tacoma Rainiers.

Fans can get their own Gamblers merchandise, which includes hats and jerseys.

“What if, instead of the Stars, 51s, or Aviators, we were able to take a look into the past and embody the essence of what Las Vegas was built on?” The team shared in a post on X. “…The gamble that these people took to create a vacation and gaming oasis in the middle of the desert.”

In addition to a new name, the team will also be sporting a new logo depicting a cowboy throwing dice. The team also shared on X that the new logo represents “the courageous spirit the people of Las Vegas embody.”

The gold and black sleeves of the jersey imitate the profile of a poker chip. The snake eyes on the dice in the logo represent the year 1911, the year the City of Las Vegas was incorporated. The 5s on the side of the dice are a nod to the Roman numerals, “LV.” And finally, the belt buckle and boot spurs take attributes of the Welcome to Las Vegas sign.

To purchase tickets for Saturday’s game, click here. To purchase merchandise, click here.


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