LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) -The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has confirmed that a police badge found in a suspected DUI hit-and-run crash belongs to Sergeant Michael Abbate, one of the two State Troopers killed in the crash.

An arrest report released on Monday says detectives located a “Nevada State Police metal badge.” Metro police say the badge became separated from Sgt. Abbate in the collision and ended up in the vehicle that suspect Jemarcus Williams was driving.

Trooper Alberto Felix also died in the crash.

Police say the troopers were outside their cars, attending to a driver who appeared to be asleep behind the wheel, when Williams hit the troopers and drove off. Police say Williams and the car involved in the crash were found at an apartment complex off J Street and Monroe Avenue. Williams faces several felony charges and he is being held in jail on a half-million-dollar bond.


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