LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – In a Thursday evening board meeting, the Clark County School District unanimously approved a measure that will increase pay and provide more medical benefits to CCSD police officers.

The measure passed by a 7-0 vote. Salary raises will go into effect this July, and officers will also see increased health benefits. The new agreement runs through 2025 and has an estimated fiscal impact of approximately $5 million.

It also includes a revised salary scale and a detailed process for the promotion of CCSD officers to the rank of Seargent.

Agenda items include raises for school police officers and discussion of an audit of the teachers’ health trust.

The board’s initial agenda item was a discussion of the Teacher’s Health Trust Update. The main point regarded a $35 million loan provided to the trust in 2021.

“We care deeply about our educators and the benefits they receive,” said board president Evelyn Garcia Morales of the loan. A representative of the trust noted that an audit revealed a “clean report,” with the trust on track to repay the loan in full by June.

He added that the trust’s revenue in the last fiscal year was down slightly, due to a reduced number of CCSD educators contributing to it. He reported that there was a “favorable decrease” in medical expenses, as well as a 21% drop in administrative costs.

The trust is expected to be replenished 12-18 months after the loan is repaid, with the intent to do so over that extended timeframe to avoid raising members’ premiums.


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