If you’re looking to craft content for supplements or special projects like a guide for school holiday activities, a commemorative supplement, or a sports season kickoff pull-out, here’s how you could formulate a ChatGPT prompt:


“Create content for a [choose one: school holiday activity guide, commemorative/anniversary supplement, new football season celebration pull-out]. The content should:

  1. Engagement Introduction: Open with a compelling introduction that explains the purpose of the supplement/special project and its relevance to the audience.
  2. Core Content Sections: Break down the content into specific sections. For a school holiday guide, list various activities by category (e.g., indoor, outdoor, educational, free activities). For a commemorative supplement, outline significant historical milestones or profiles of key figures. For a sports season pull-out, include team overviews, player spotlights, and season predictions.
  3. Useful Information: Ensure that all information provided is not only engaging but also practical and actionable. This could include dates, prices, locations for activities in a guide, historical context or sources for further reading in a commemorative supplement, or match schedules and ticket purchasing information in a sports pull-out.
  4. Visuals and Layout Considerations: Suggest ideas for visuals (e.g., photographs, illustrations, infographics) that can enhance the content. Also, consider how the layout can help navigate the supplement, such as color-coded sections or clear headers.
  5. Call to Action: Conclude each section with a call to action, encouraging readers to participate in events, delve deeper into history, or engage with the upcoming sports season.

The tone should be informative but also captivating, designed to engage a broad audience, including families looking for holiday activities, history enthusiasts, or sports fans.”

This prompt directs ChatGPT to generate content tailored for a specific supplement or special project. It emphasizes the need for an engaging introduction, structured content, practical information, visual enhancement suggestions, and a compelling call to action, all of which are crucial for one-off publications that aim to capture and retain reader interest.


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