LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Residents who live in or around the busy Chinatown corridor in Las Vegas also feel the impact of the recent spike in crime.

Residents shared some disturbing video with FOX5. At 1:30 in the morning, a stranger tries to open a door to an apartment. They cannot get inside, and walk away.

The two women in the unit were so frightened by the incident that they filed a police report and alerted neighbors and management of the Green Leaf Lotus apartment complex off Spring Mountain Road.

Residents shared a follow-up letter with FOX5 from the apartment management, which stated, “Crime has no boundaries. Recently, crime has been spiking in our area with potential outsiders following someone into the property. Then walking hallways and trying doors. Please lock your doors at all times.”

FOX5 has reported on the spike in car break-ins and thefts across the Chinatown and Spring Mountain corridor, and the Metro Police task force formed to add patrols and work with local businesses.

A new Las Vegas police task force launched in February to protect residents and crack down on crime in the Chinatown and Spring Mountain area.

Metro Police tell FOX5 via email that these same vehicle thieves can also target apartment complexes:

“Criminals will always target concentrated areas of opportunity to commit crimes. Apartment complexes offer plenty of vehicles and apartment doors to check to see if they are secured or if items have been left behind. These thieves can strike anywhere an apartment complex exists in the valley. We continue to advise residents to always secure the entrances to their residence and vehicles. Installing cameras and removing all items from vehicles is also a good deterrent. Remember, most criminals looking to commit burglaries and auto burglaries are looking for easy opportunities and reasons to break-in. We need the community’s help eliminating the easy opportunities and reasons.”

Numerous area apartment complexes also experience the same vehicle crimes, according to the LVMPD Explorer map.

Concerned resident Anthony Pucci tells FOX5 that there is a rise in homelessness and petty crimes in the area, and residents are taking additional precautions.

“There’s an increase of homeless people that are around the area. It used to be okay to walk. Now you’re trying to avoid people that sometimes have camps set up. Also within the building, weird things are happening. People are sometimes getting stuff stolen from their second-story balcony,” Pucci said. “I used to leave my apartment unlocked go get the mail. Now anytime I leave that door is getting locked, no matter how short the trip,” he said.

Community members share crime alerts or suspicious activities on a resident’s Facebook page to assist their neighbors.

FOX5 sent several emails to the complex and corporate and also called the apartment office for a response.


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