LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – If you live in Henderson, your water bill may be going up as soon as next month. Next week, the Henderson City Council could vote to approve a rate hike.

On Tuesday, the city will hold a public hearing during the council meeting to decide whether to raise residents’ rates for water and wastewater. How much depends on how large of a water meter a resident uses.

In presentation notes included ahead of Tuesday’s meeting, there is a chart breaking down the increases which are about 2% a year.

For an average single-family household, the monthly service charge would increase from $15.52 to $17.02 for 2024 and then be bumped another $1.50 in 2025 to $18.52. The costs go up significantly for those with more water usage. While low-income customers would see a bump of about 21 cents a month, customers who use 50,000 gallons monthly would pay more than $40 more.

The city says these hikes are necessary for a number of reasons including rates not keeping up with growth in expenses increases. The City of Henderson says with a rate increase, their rates will be in line with the rest of the Las Vegas Valley.

Earlier this year, the Clark County Commission approved rate increases for the Las Vegas Valley Water District and big fines for water users who went over their monthly allotment in an effort to conserve water.

On Tuesday, Henderson’s City Council will also vote on increasing wastewater service charges by 2% a year.

If approved, all increases would take effect January 1st.

The City of Henderson does offer utility discount programs to low-income households, you can learn more here.


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