LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Clark County Commissioners approved an $86 million settlement with developer Jim Rhodes after the commission backtracked on allowing him to develop land on Blue Diamond Hill.

The original plan had a 5,000 home development.

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A developer is suing for billions, claiming Clark County Commissioners approved building more than 5,000 homes near Red Rock Canyon, then stopped the project.

Rhodes attorneys argued that the Commission, specifically Commissioner Justin Jones covered efforts to stop the project and even deleted text messages on his phone hours after voting against the housing development.

The Nevada Bar has opened an investigation into Jones who is an attorney. He served as an attorney for the conservation group Save Red Rock in litigation against Gypsum Resources and the county.

Rhodes and his attorneys were seeking $2 billion dollars. The two sides negotiated the $86 million settlement.

County Commissioners voted 6-0 for the settlement. Jones abstained from the vote.


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