LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – A Clark County family court marshal is facing charges of kidnapping and sex trafficking involving a minor, an arrest report revealed.

31-year-old Bryce Tokunaga was pulled over by police after running a stop sign on Monday, March 4 around 1:00 p.m. on Casino Center Drive, according to the report.

Once the officer made contact with Tokunaga, he observed Tokunaga in the vehicle with an underaged girl, who was not identified in the report. Tokunaga told officers he was employed as a Family Justice Court Bailiff at the time of the stop.

The underaged girl was observed by the officer wearing a “black see-through dress, a blue short jean jacket, with black thigh-high tights and brown high heel boots,” according to the report.

Officers believed the stop may have been prostitution-related, due to the girl’s clothing, and the area being known for high amounts of prostitution. The two individuals in the car were then separated and their phones were confiscated, though officers found that their stories were inconsistent.

The young girl began “screaming and cussing” at officers while denying engaging in prostitution or having any type of relationship with Tokunaga. She claimed she had met Tokunaga a few months before, but refused to give further details.

Police confiscated her phone, and discovered several condoms, a knife, and a taser on her person, according to the report.

Tokunaga told officers that the two met on a dating app, but denied any knowledge of the girl working as a prostitute or ever paying her money for sexual intercourse. He did admit to sending her money “when she has needed help,” according to investigators. He claimed that he saw the girl “almost every day and picks her up to sit in his car and hang out.”

After receiving a search warrant for both phones, investigators conducted a search and observed multiple conversations that used terms related to prostitution. In one conversation, Tokunaga told an unidentified person that he wished he could be “more than a regular.”

The conversation continued with Tokunaga being referred to as a “trick” by the person, and being told that another female prostitute was “upset because he was giving all of his money away to her.”

Tokunaga is facing charges of sex trafficking a child under 18, child abuse, facilitating sex trafficking, kidnapping, and solicitation of a child for prostitution.

He is due in court for a preliminary hearing on June 11.


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