LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — An annual report from the Southern Nevada Health District shows that Clark County ranks the 6th healthiest county in Nevada.

That’s out of 17 counties.

It rates areas based on health outcomes and factors including education, access to health and mental health care.

Some of the findings reveal Clark County ranked third when it comes to length of life and fourth for health behaviors.

The report also notes the ratio of primary health care physicians to populations. It was 1,700 to one. Mental health providers were over 400 to one. A school of nursing educator at Nevada State College spoke about how the data is used for those looking to enter the medical field.

“I use the dashboard to talk and have students understand the impact of what’s happening in the community,” said Dawn Taylor, lecturer at Nevada State College. “They want to work in hospitals a lot of times, but we tell them this is where they live, where they function and they need to be able to identify resources in the community that will help their patients after they discharge them.”

Dawn continues saying there should be a continued effort to get more health care professionals to address mental health issued in the community.


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