LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – The Clark County School District announced that it has begun rolling out signal-blocking pouches for students’ cell phones.

According to a statement from CCSD, the process began in February with a pilot program comprised of approximately 10% of district schools. The remainder will begin using them in August.

Starting in the 2024–2025 school year, the District will require non-locking, signal-blocking pouches to be utilized in grades 6-12.

Are cell phones a distraction from learning for Clark County students?

“These new devices prevent and reduce distractions in the classroom, allowing for a productive learning environment and increasing student focus on instruction. These non-locking pouches will be placed in classroom areas for student accessibility in emergencies,” CCSD said.

FOX5 obtained a copy of a letter that Green Valley High School Principal Kent Roberts sent to families, in which he called the rollout “an innovative solution that will significantly contribute to the safety and wellbeing of students in our school.”

He also cited specific benefits of the pouches, including “minimizing academic dishonesty, reducing distractions, and encouraging responsible device use and limiting concerns with social media accounts.”

Parents, guardians, and students will be provided additional information as pouches are introduced at school sites.


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