LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – The copper wire theft throughout the Valley continues. This time, thieves targeted an arts district rooftop.

Neighboring businesses The Good Wolf and Cork and Thorn share that rooftop. The owners are assuming they were hit on the same night, although they don’t know exactly which night it was.

“Yesterday we came into the lights on the building being off and then one of the AC units on the roof, gone,” The Good Wolf owner Lisa Blanchard says. “They took the inside parts out, and we’re guessing they went to sell it.”

The owner of Cork and Thorn shared a similar experience.

“They stole the copper from our cooler,” Cork and Thorn Owner Randi Garrett says. “The food went bad so we had to throw all the food away, we had to have someone come out and fix it, it cost a couple thousand dollars.”

The City of Las Vegas and Clark County officials say they’re working with scrap yards and copper recycling facilities to stem the tide of copper wire theft.

County crews are also now installing wires at the top of streetlights instead of underground, and using aluminum instead of copper, which they say has less value than scrap metal. County officials say there’s been copper wire stolen at over 300 spots in the county.

City officials say their Deputy City Marshals have had multiple meetings with these businesses, and have established relationships to work together to stop copper wire theft.


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