LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Clark County officials promise changes to prevent more streetlight copper thefts and urgent repairs for major intersections, while acknowledging many locations are repeat targets for offenders.

Chair Tick Segerblom said Lamb Road between Charleston Road and Sahara Avenue will be addressed as early as next week with the following changes: use of aluminum wire instead of copper, wires placed at the top of streetlights, and solar panels to power lights.

A Clark County spokesperson released the following statement:

“Our Public Works crews recently made repairs on Lamb between Charleston and Sahara and will need to return there again. It’s an example of how frustrating this problem is – it is not uncommon for our crews to make repairs only to have new wire stolen again… Our goal is to make repairs in as timely a manner as possible based on available staffing and the high volume of locations impacted at this time.”

Thursday, crews discovered copper thieves targeted lights at the corner of Bonanza and Mt. Hood.

Segerblom tells FOX5 that major thoroughfares that accommodate buses like Lamb, Charleston, Nellis and Bonanza Road are urgent priorities for public safety.

Segerblom said, based on urgency, there may be even more delays for side streets around Charleston and Lamb. FOX5 told you how neighbors have been in the dark for months, as thieves keep poaching copper from lights at side streets.

Residents expressed to FOX5 the need for more police response.

Metro Police tell FOX5, they take these crimes seriously but need residents to report them: officers can track incidents, establish surveillance and track down suspects.

Segerblom has tasked Sheriff Kevin McMahill to establish a regional copper theft task force.


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