LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – The families of three women who were killed in a triple homicide on Tuesday are left mourning.

The tragedy took place at an apartment complex in North Las Vegas. The homicide also left the gunman Edward Brooks dead as police shot and killed him when he refused to drop his weapon and started to walk toward officers.

The women were identified as 42-year-old Tiffany Mawhorter, 48-year-old Venus Hart and 52-year-old Africa Woods-MCgill.

FOX5 spoke to the daughter of Woods who said her mom was an innocent person who was trying to diffuse a situation.

Woods is being remembered as a mom, grandmother, and friend to many according to her daughter Renee Bradley.

“There’s nothing Africa woods couldn’t do, nothing,” Bradley said.

Bradley spoke to FOX5 from California, and described her mom as a woman who was fearless.

“She was a warrior she was tough,” Bradley said.

Bradley said it was that toughness that made her mom go to an apartment downstairs on Mar. 12 after she heard arguing.

“She went downstairs and tried to diffuse the situation knowing there was a 2 year old child in the home,” Bradley said.

Bradley said that apartment belonged to her mom’s neighbor, Edward Brooks who ultimately shot and killed her mom and two women.

“The way my mother was positioned when they found her she wouldn’t have known those two bullets were for her,’ Bradley said.

Shortly after the s hots rang out, North Las Vegas Police arrived and found Brooks with a gun.

According to North Las Vegas Police Brooks would not listen to their commands when told to drop his weapon and kept walking toward police, that’s when officers pulled their trigger and shot and killed Brooks.

They then found the bodies of the tree women in two separate apartments.

“The way they had found her and the other women, my mother was in his home on the couch,” Bradley said.

Bradley tells FOX5 her mom knew Brooks as he was a neighbor she trusted, and now she has to figure out why that trust led to a shooting spree that took the life of her mom, who was her world.

“There is no Africa without Renee and there is no Renee without Africa and now there is Renee without Africa,” Bradley said.

Police also say in this tragedy, a dog was killed, and FOX5 has learned that dog belonged to Woods.

That child Woods was trying to protect was not hurt during this tragedy and was found unharmed, according to police but it is still not clear who the child belonged to.

North Las Vegas Police are expected to release more information about this triple homicide and the suspect on Monday.


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