LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – The Nevada Housing Division, in partnership with the Uplift Windsor Park Advisory Committee, announced the selection of Community Development Programs Center of Nevada (CDPCN) as the developer for the new Windsor Park Community in North Las Vegas.

Windsor Park, known by residents as Winslow Park, was built between 1964 and 1966 and was exclusively occupied by African American residents. According to a release from the Nevada Department of Business & Industry, the neighborhood was unknowingly built over geological faults and when groundwater was extracted from the aquifer beneath the community over time, the homes and infrastructure began to sink. This sinking, known as subsidence, rendered the homes uninhabitable.

In response, Nevada State Senator Dina Neal introduced Senate Bill 450 during the 2023 legislative session mandating that the Nevada Housing Division, a division of the Department of Business and Industry, select a developer to build new homes for the remaining 93 owners at no cost to them. The bill passed and Governor Joe Lombardo signed it into law in June 2023.

“Selecting a developer for the new Windsor Park neighborhood is a significant milestone in this effort,” said Dr. Kristopher Sanchez, Department of Business and Industry Director. “We congratulate CDPCN on being selected and look forward to working in conjunction with them to accomplish the goals of the legislation and provide the remaining owners a new beginning.”

CDPCN Executive Director Frank Hawkins expressed his appreciation for being selected for the opportunity to carry out this mission.

“I am pleased that the Nevada Housing Division and the Uplift Windsor Park Committee has placed their confidence in me to successfully accomplish this monumental undertaking,” Hawkins said. “CDPCN is committed to design and build high quality, aesthetically pleasing homes with modern amenities. These homeowners deserve to have safe homes that they can proudly pass down to future generations.”

Senator Neal said that she is excited to see the process moving forward and she feels confident that the Nevada Housing Division and CDPCN will accomplish the spirit of the legislation that she worked to bring to fruition.

“I am tremendously pleased that we have arrived at this point on a long journey,” Neal said. “Previous attempts to assist this community have been met with numerous challenges, so I am happy that we are a step closer to bringing to pass this community’s desire to live in homes that are beyond what they could have hoped for.”

The Nevada Housing Division is currently working with CDPCN to finalize an official contract that outlines the requirements of the company to purchase land adjacent to the current Windsor Park subdivision, conduct a geological survey to ensure subsidence won’t occur, and begin construction. Letters will be mailed to Windsor Park residents notifying them of the selection.

The project completion date has not yet been determined. 

“It has taken decades to arrive at this point, so we recognize that everyone involved, especially the homeowners, are anxious to see these new homes built,” Sanchez said. “However, as we are breaking new ground with this unprecedented legislation, both literally and figuratively, the Housing Division is working to put the appropriate processes in place to ensure this project is completed as smoothly and successfully as possible.”


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