LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Dog adoptions have resumed at the Henderson Animal Shelter following an outbreak of Pneumovirus earlier this month.

A spokesperson for the City of Henderson said that approximately 80% of dogs in the shelter’s care have been “medically released” after being treated for symptoms or exposure. These dogs were isolated from the general population for the duration of the virus’ “shedding time,” or the period in which the dogs are considered contagious.

The adoption courtyard remains closed to the public, and meet and greets also remain on pause. The shelter is also not accepting surrenders until all dogs exposed to the virus have been treated.

All adoptable dogs are viewable on a large board at the shelter, and a kennel attendant or volunteer can bring dogs to those seeking adoption in the visiting area. All animals are viewable online at

“All animal adoption fees are half off this week,” a city spokesperson noted in a release. :Dogs are $45, Cats are $40, Rabbits are $17.50, and Guinea Pigs are $5.”


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