LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Early in the morning on March 20, 29-year-old Malia Hoenshell from Henderson was killed in a crash in Clark County, along with her two boys – 3-year-old Phoenix and 9-year-old Zaiden.

“I miss her, and I miss the babies,” said family member Linda Bama Smith. “I feel frozen. To wake up and they’re not here, it’s difficult, very difficult.”

The crash happened around 1:45 a.m. on March 20 on US-93 near Apex.

According to Nevada State Police, the family’s car crosses from a northbound lane into a southbound lane for an unknown reason, and then it collided head-on with a semi-truck.

The crash claimed the lives of the two young boys and their mother Malia, who’d recently started taking college classes part-time to get into the medical field.

“The memories of her are just beautiful, and they keep me going,” said family member Ellie Hoenshell. “We look at her memories, and we laugh and smile because her smile was just contagious. She’s just a beautiful soul, and we miss her a lot.”

Malia’s family said what they’ll remember most is her devotion and love for two sons, whose young lives were also lost in the crash.

“Zaiden was going to be 10, and that boy was just the sweetest, kindest, gentle boy that you could ever imagine,” said Ellie. “He had so many friends, he was so loving, and he loved soccer.”

“My Phoenix was a wild boy. 3 years old, he was quite a handful, but I loved him dearly. He would come in every morning and wake me up. It was wonderful,” said Linda.

“His memory will live forever in our hearts and souls. We know we’re going to see them again at some point, but he was an angel, they’re all angels now,” said Ellie.

Two separate Go Fund Me pages have been set up to help the families of the victims: Fundraiser by Kimberly Terry-Campbell : In memory of Malia, Zaiden and Phoenix ( and Fundraiser by Elizabeth Rackley : In Loving Memory of Zaiden Grandon (


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